Where Is Junior Johnson From??

Wilkesboro, North Carolina, United States

What is Midnight Moon moonshine?

Product Description. It’s the original moonshine, but more refined. Inspired by Junior Johnson’s legendary recipe, Midnight Moon Original is 80 proof (40% ALC./VOL.) and distilled from American corn to be slightly sweet, ultra-smooth, and clean tasting.

How old is Junior Johnson?

87 years (June 28, 1931)

What is the best moonshine?

If we missed your favorite local moonshine, tell us about in the comments!

  • WINNER: Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine.
  • Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine.
  • Buffalo Trace White Dog, Mash #1.
  • Hudson New York Corn Whiskey.
  • Midnight Moon Moonshine.
  • Kings County Distillery Moonshine.

Who pardoned Junior Johnson?

Ronald Reagan

How many races did Junior Johnson win?

In 1955, Johnson began his career as a NASCAR driver. In his first full season, he won five races and finished sixth in the 1955 NASCAR Grand National points standings. In 1958 he won six races.

Can you eat fruit in moonshine?

The fruit is preserved in the alcohol, making it safe to eat even for years after the jar has been opened, even if Midnight Moon recommends against it. Serving it chilled brings out the fruit flavors and corn sweetness even more, but it’s great in a glass of lemonade, too.

Is Midnight Moon cheese pasteurized?

Made from pasteurized goat’s milk, the cheese is aged for six or more months to produce a dense and smooth ivory-coloured paste that develops a slightly granular mouth feel as it matures off to the 12 month stage. Flavours are of lovely brown butter with intense caramel undertones.

Photo in the article by “National Park Service” https://www.nps.gov/anjo/learn/kidsyouth/beajuniorranger.htm