Question: How Do You Drink Moonshine??

Mix a can of light beer with a shot of moonshine for a boozy cocktail.

Add 1 shot of moonshine into the bottom of a glass.

Then, choose a lager or a light ale, and pour 12 oz (350 ML) of the beer into the glass.

You can add ice for a cooler drink, or enjoy it without ice.

What should moonshine taste like?

“The O.G. of moonshine. Has a rubbing alcohol taste.” “Tastes oddly like vodka and not very strong.” 80 proof, distilled from corn “A very savory flavor, like actual corn.”

What drinks can you make with Everclear?

Take a large jar and stir mix 2 cups vodka, ½ cup Everclear, ¼ cup Malibu Rum, 1 cup of lemonade or any soft drink (like Sprite), a pack of Kool Aid (tropical flavor), and 1 cup of each of Hawaiian fruit punch, pineapple juice, orange juice, and mango juice (or any other customized juices of your choice including grape

Does moonshine need to be refrigerated after opening?

As one of the strongest alcoholic beverages, moonshine does not expire, though light, heat, and air can change the characteristics of an opened bottle over time. Flavored moonshine, which contains sugar, is less shelf-stable but can last several years after opening.

Can you drink moonshine straight?

While most people drink it straight from the jar (more on that in a minute), moonshine makes an exceptionally good spirit for cocktails. Think about it, it’s basically whiskey. Keep the vodka and gin on the shelf and mix in White Lightning in their place. You’ll be amazed by the result.

Does Moonshine taste like vodka?

Vodka has a milder taste. I think moonshine smells closer to turpentine than it does to vodka. But both have mostly the flavor of the alcohol dominating the taste. Bourbon is a whiskey made with at lease 51% corn, but it has been aged in oak which imparts a lot of the bourbon flavor.

Does moonshine get you drunk?

The alcohol in moonshine is the same as that of beer, wine, gin, etc. Pick your poison, and it’s the same alcohol. It is called ethyl alcohol, or ethanol, and it’ll get you drunk–some faster, some slower. Shots of Tequila tend to get downed much quicker than a 12 oz. bottle of beer.

Is Moonshine a whiskey or vodka?

Corn “vodka” that comes out of the still at 96%ABV or higher, but doesn’t touch oak is still Vodka, but technically could also be called “Moonshine”. Whiskey can be called “bourbon” if it is made in the USA, from 51% corn.

Can moonshine make you sick?

Methanol is highly poisonous and can cause blindness and even death. Most moonshine makers today know to pour off those first drippings from the condenser, also known as the foreshot, but not all of them know or do it.

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