Question: Who Owns Belmont Farm Distillery??

Our operation at Belmont Farm Distillery is family owned and operated.

It is with great pride that our family at Belmont Farm has chosen to preserve a national tradition of copper pot still fresh whiskey in both our Virginia Lightning Corn Whiskey and our Kopper Kettle Virginia Whiskey.

Where is Tim Smith’s climax moonshine made?

Until recently, reality star Tim Smith was brewing moonshine illegally in his hometown of Climax, Virginia, but now his original pot-distilled family recipe graces the (legal) market in the form of a 90-proof spirit.

Who made moonshine first?

When it was illegal in the United States, moonshine distillation was done at night to avoid discovery. It was especially prominent in the Appalachian area. White whiskey most likely entered the Appalachian region in the late 18th century to early 1800s.

What proof is Tim Smith’s climax moonshine?

Climax Moonshine is pot-distilled from an original family recipe using corn, rye and barley malt mash, resulting in a 90-proof spirit. A 750-ml bottle of Climax Moonshine retails for approximately $29.99.

Where is Tim Smith from?

The show is made up of real people and maybe some added drama. The show was actually filmed a year ago in Pittsylvania, Virginia. Tim would like this to say …Most of the show was filmed in Pittsylvania County, Virginia He is an expert on the heritage of moonshine and its production.

What is the name of Tim Smith’s moonshine?

As one of the stars of Discovery Channel show, “Moonshiners,” Smith has been making his illegal moonshine in the backwoods of Virginia (in a town called Climax). The brew is pot-distilled from an original family recipe using corn, rye and barley malt mash, resulting in a 90-proof spirit.

What is the best moonshine?

Here are the 10 best legal moonshine brands in the United States.

  • Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash #1.
  • Bill Elliott’s Moonshine.
  • Stillhouse Clear Corn Whiskey.
  • Troy & Sons Platinum.
  • Junior Johnson’s Midnight Moon.
  • Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine.
  • Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine.
  • Hudson New York Corn Whiskey.

Can moonshine kill you?

Ethanol contains two carbon atoms and is somewhat toxic (it’ll kill you if you drink enough of it, so pace yourself) whereas methanol contains one carbon atom and is highly toxic (can cause permanent damage to the optic nerve and death even in fairly low doses, pacing won’t help, best to avoid altogether).

Is moonshiners still on Discovery?

Discovery Channel’s ‘Moonshiners’ explained exactly how they get away with their illegal biz. The days of prohibition are long behind us, yet moonshine is still illegal. Hit Discovery series “Moonshiners” documents the lives of modern bootleggers, Tim and Tickle, who run moonshine businesses in spite of the law.

Is Midnight Moon real moonshine?

100 PROOF. Midnight Moon 100 Proof is inspired by Junior Johnson’s legendary moonshine family recipe and is made from American corn to deliver an ultra-smooth and clean tasting 100 proof (50% ALC./VOL.) spirit.

Is making moonshine legal in Texas?

“Making and selling moonshine is a public safety risk,” says TABC Lt. Allan Cameron. Although it is legal for Texans to make limited amounts of wine or beer for personal consumption without holding a TABC permit, it is not legal to manufacture distilled spirits without holding a TABC Distiller’s Permit.

When was Popcorn Sutton born?

October 5, 1946

Who died from the show moonshiners?

Sutton committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning in March 2009, aged 62, rather than report to federal prison after being convicted of offenses related to moonshining and illegal firearm possession. Since his death, a new company and associated whiskey brand have been named after him.

What was the last episode of moonshiners?

Tickle Unshackled

How many seasons of moonshiners are there?